Food is Medicine Massachusetts

Over 100 Members Representing over 50 Organizations

Food is Medicine Massachusetts [FIMMA] is a multi-stakeholder coalition that materialized from the Massachusetts Food is Medicine State Plan initiative which harnessed diverse expertise across the food and health care systems in the Commonwealth in a collective effort to enhance the role of nutrition in health care to effectively address rising rates of chronic illnesses while controlling health care costs.

Mission statement

FIMMA seeks to build a health care system that reliably identifies individuals who are food insecure, connects them to appropriate Food is Medicine interventions, and supports those interventions via sustainable funding.

5 Goals


All health care providers on a patient’s care team are knowledgeable about the role that food and nutrition play in prevention, management, and treatment of diet-related acute and chronic diseases; screen patients for food insecurity or, as appropriate, malnutrition; and feel empowered to respond quickly and effectively to a patient’s nutrition needs.


There are a number of high-quality, sustainably funded medically tailored food and nutrition services, ranging from a medically tailored meal to a produce voucher, available to patients who reside in any community across the Commonwealth.



All health care providers and community-based food and nutrition organizations have access to and use bidirectional platforms that allow providers to know whether patients have connected to referrals in the community, what services they receive, and whether the receipt of services has an impact on patient health and/or well-being.



The term “health care reform” encompasses and explicitly supports nutrition-sensitive health care systems for the benefit of patients, providers, payers, and the broader community.



The leaders of our health care and food systems come together to pursue a coordinated, transformative change at these systems’ nexus that will resonate more broadly in each arena.


Rec. 15 of the Massachusetts Food is Medicine State Plan called on the conveners of the State Plan to establish Food is Medicine Massachusetts, a coalition, tasked with:

  1. Overseeing efforts for related policy reform, including policy change at the federal level that will facilitate implementation of the Food is Medicine 15 in Massachusetts

  2. Convening quarterly to evaluate progress on State Plan policy recommendations and coordinate the efforts of the Task Forces on:

    • Provider Nutrition Education and Referral

    • Food is Medicine Community-Based Organizations

    • Food is Medicine Research

  3. Cultivating cross-sector communication surrounding Food is Medicine in Massachusetts

  4. Advocating for future policies that will improve access to Food is Medicine interventions in Massachusetts.

  5. Serving as a conduit of information about national and state-level Food is Medicine policy reform opportunities for stakeholders a cross the Commonwealth

Coalition Members

Our multi-stakeholder State Plan Planning Council is currently undergoing a transition to form Food is Medicine Massachusetts. Membership listing will be available September 2019.